Members of Oasis can join: the Social Club for pleasant exchanges, Connected Living Solutions, attend workshops given by talented individuals in various skills bringing back purpose, with mental and physical activities.

There are several type of membership available.

  • 1. Supporter Membership

Supporter Membership is for people who wish to support our efforts in building the Oasis concept.

  • 2. Participant basic Membership.

Participant Basic Membership is for people who want to attend activities, social and workshop programs. Cost: ($500/year or $50/month)

  • 3. Participant advanced Membership: (not available yet – phase 2 and 3.)

Will offer more comprehensive services geared for families affected by aging. It offers assistance to all members of the household and surveillance at home.

  • 4. Volunteer Membership

Available for those who can volunteer a minimum of 2 hours/week.

Membership will be limited so we can serve all members .

Once you are in:

Join Social Events and Coffee hours for members.

Sign-up for workshops

Join Lectures and discussions

Attend full day Special Programs

Join classes through the Connected Living home solution.

Important COVID considerations: To participate in non-remote workshops, members need to be vaccinated. Our personnel is required to be fully vaccinated.