There are two level of membership available.

  • Supporter Membership
  • Participant Membership. ($500/year or $50/month)

Supporter Membership is for people who wish to support our efforts in building the Oasis. concept.

Participant membership to Oasis, is for people who may need to attend activities and Oasis Programs. It offers access to programs and services geared for families affected by dementia. Membership is based on the need of members. It is limited to insure everyone can be serviced promptly and consistently. Our members live at home and would like the safety of knowing they will be assisted in time of need. Members can subscribe to our programs and will be looked after by people they know and learn to trust.

  1. Assessment (An initial assessment is conducted to establish needs and potential suitability for membership in Oasis and needs at home.)
  2. Once you are in:
    • Sign-up for workshops
    • Reserve a respite care stay
    • Join social events
    • Stay in touch by joining Zoom classes at home.
    • Weekly reassessment by our staff

Call: 508-272-2224

Important COVID considerations: To participate in non-remote workshop, members need to show proof of vaccinations. Our hands on personnel are required to be fully vaccinated.