Pre-Reserve Respite

  • One night stay $450 with meals. Check availability
  • One week (5 days). room $2250 with meals. Check availability
  • One week (5 days) Cottage with kitchenette $ 2875 Check Availability
  • Here are options to ensure a regular slot in respite care:
    • Pre-buy stays at Sea Captain Foster Main House
    • Reserve for now or future use:
      • One week/month $23,000/year.
      • One week every two months  $13,000 /year.
      • One week quarterly $7000/year.
      • Pre-buy is ideal for families dealing with chronically ill family members. It is intended to give caregivers a regular break and assures availability for specific dates. Financing is available.
  • Additional fees for the full pension during the stay will be calculated at the existing price and needs of the member when redeemed. Call 508-273-2224 to discuss your needs or use our contact form to start a discussion.
  • Volunteer Program: Spouses or families meeting the volunteer hour requirements are given a special rate for respite stays. For example, 35 hours of volunteer time can be applied to a weekly stay to receive a 20% discount.
  • Special Grants: Special grants are available through the Cape Cod Health Care Family Support Center.

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