As Dr. Atul Gawande described in his book: “Being Mortal,” there is a growing demand for seniors’ solutions. Old age can become costly and complex. What are novel approaches to old issues facing new challenges?

New Challenges:

  • Families growing geographical distance.
  • Increasing age due to better or good health.
  • Increase in memory-related illnesses due to longer years.

Current Problems:

Large-scale operations are not meeting the needs of many, causing neglect in even the most acclaimed facilities and Day Programs are not attractive to all.

New Concept:

  • Membership with OASIS provides an opportunity to be connected with others, attend educational workshop oriented in dealing with cognitive decline and finding new purpose, to avoid depression and anxiety.
  • This home-based approach, will encompass various needs and provide a safe environment. Each OASIS will attend to a predefined number of members. Read More