At OASIS, we have taken Life Shifts from our own lives and are building the foundation for a novel approach to chapters of life. 

OASIS provides independent assessments, confidential assistance, opportunities for adaptive classes, workshops, private care from trusted services, and volunteers through a network of resources. Your loved one can gain safety with the OASIS Connected Living technology solution.

In summary, we assess, provide potential answers, identify support for the long run in a novel approach with the goal of an Independent Senior Living Solution.

Inspired by professional and personal experience, the OASIS Team also draws resources from proven methods to deal with old age. We collaborate with some of the best leaders in the fieldcommunity advisors, as well as your support.

If you have additional questions, look at our menu above for topics or contact us, we’ll gladly take the time to listen or make a first phone assessment of your situation.



OASIS currently is in Phase 1 and offers workshops geared at assisting seniors in the early stage of dementia to adapt and find new purposes. In Phase 2, home living assistance allows all to cope with decline, chronic illnesses with attention to caregivers’ support. In Phase 3, OASIS will offer short respite care.