Adaptive Exercise

Spaulding Adaptive Sports Centers (SASC) are open to all individuals in the community who are living with disabilities.

Every Monday, at Heritage Barn in Brewster, between 10 and 3PM, you will be able to attend classes that will help you stay fit and help your mind as well, by increasing circulation and connecting to past fun time.

Spaulding Rehabilitation is offering a unique program called: Adaptive Sport. It allows people with disabilities or aging to adapt to modified exercise and activities to stay active and engaged.

Staying active in some form is one of the Secrets of Cognitive Well-being. It’s an individual connection, as one needs to find their groove of enthusiasm.

Oasis found that this program was very much in line with their approach and partnered with the program to offer a convenient location for its members.

To join the program please register with Spaulding. This is an important step to find the best fit for you.